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Chen Sy (Richard Yap) was a poor Chinese entrepreneur who was only in the safe side until he meets Jean (Cherie Pie Picache), his future wife and the one who helps him begin a business, now one of Asia's most powerful organization, ChenJean International. Jean was Zheny's (Ai Ai delas Alas) best friend in China, when she was trying her luck as an English teacher. Zheny coincidentally was Chen's first love and together they had Jade (Mutya Orquia soon to be Kim Chiu). Through Chen and his family's dismay that their first-born is female, they had another baby who they named Yuan but unfortunately dies without Chen's knowledge. Zheny goes back to the Philippines, living with her mother Amor (Gina PareƱo) and waits for Chen, who never followed. Chen and Jean later married and had a baby boy who they named Chen Sy II (Robi Domingo) who tragically died in a car accident on his 18th birthday. 

Chen and Jean goes back to the Philippines in search for Yuan. As Jade celebrates her birthday, a rather unfortunate event occurs as their house burns down. Jade immediately runs back to their apartment to save her father's picture. Longing for the day that her father would treat her as his child. She applies for a job in ChenJean but Jean denies her application and pushes her. As Zheny and Amor finds out what Jean has done, they charge to the building and is sent to jail for trespassing, physical assault and supposed theft. In order to set them free, Chen tells Jade to bring Yuan to him. As her greatest sacrifice, she cuts her hair and pretends to be her deceased brother. After realising that she is in fact related to him, Chen sets Zheny and Amor free. Jean and her daughter Amethyst (Laureen Uy) moves back to China and finds out that one of their buildings have burnt down. Chen immediately files to go to China with Yuan, thus causing Jade to panic, she asks his father to give Jade an application for China and fortunately decides to do so. It is there that she leaves her mother and grandmother and childhood best friend Onyx (Jolo Revilla) temporarily. 

Jade as Yuan meets the Wu brothers, Andy (Xian Lim) and Trevor (Matteo Guidicelli). The brothers often suspect that Yuan is gay as she screams like a girl too much but proves them wrong by showing her skills with the BMX. She decides that she would only pretend for a week before she goes back to feel her father's affection. But things start to go in a slight turn as she is forced to reveal the truth. Finally after realising that she is the reason for the company's decline, Jade as Yuan decides to go back to the Philippines, refusing to take her father's offer of taking a business course. Andy is assigned to convince Yuan to go back to the company and it is there that Andy meets Jade. Jade, then rejects the offer and that made Andy's mission harder. He could not convince Yuan to take the MBA Course. 

Zheny then lets Jade enroll in the University to take the MBA, from which she'll use her early retirement salary of 150,000 pesos. Jade cannot enroll because she needs 5 years of experience, unless she takes a special examination for new students like her. She passes the exam with the help our her family and Onyx and her two angels(that was given to her by her mother and grandmother). Her mother enrolls her to the University.

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