Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 15, 2011 - My Binondo Girl

Episode 19 September 15, 2011

Jade, Andy and Trevor were taken by surprise by Chen and Jean’s arrival at the restaurant.
When Chen learns that Andy has hired Jade as a cashier, he says his daughter should be working at the head branch as Andy’s assistant. Jade was shocked and tries to back out but Andy says they won’t be able to do anything about it and she can try out the position first as Chen Jean will be opening their 10th branch in a few days. Jean tries to sabotage Jade by meddling with the lauriat ingredients but Andy saves the day by bringing out Zeny’s siomai. Jade is puzzled but later Andy explains that he’s been trying to help out her mother by sending a fake buyer to order from her. Chen is happy with the siomai’s taste and asks Andy to draw a contract with the supplier for five years. Jean is mad though for as soon as she tasted the siomai, she knew it was Zeny’s recipe. She orders Andy to have their chef’s come up with a new recipe. Zeny on the other hand refuses to sign with Chen’s company until she receives a threat from Jean. This prompts Zeny to go head-to-head with Jean and go ahead with the contract.

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